Welcome to Onyxsat Communications Ltd.

The SatCom market is one of the most unique, diversified and highly professional among the different telecommunication markets. This is being expressed in various aspects:

  • The unique value chain
  • The relative strength and strong influence of its engineering aspects
  • The large and diversified list of available products and services
One may also see this market as a closed community or group, which is another unique aspect.

Onyxsat Communications Ltd. aims to assist you navigating the stream of available products and services and focuses on optimal value proposition. We believe that through a well managed process we may assist you obtaining your goals through the creation of mutual value. Please have a look at our available list of services and contact us once something catches your attention.


Strategic Consultancy

Your business strategy should be reflected in your company’s daily life and ongoing activity and should be reflected in the way you approach new satellite communications projects.


Sales Management

Onyxsat Communications can assist you in selling your products and services. We are very flexible in adopting different types of sales cooperation


Professional Services

Onyxsat Communications offers a list of professional services which is based on our experience in the Satellite Communications market.